This section provides a 30,000 foot view of the database. I will provide you with a basic understanding of the different sections, Access Privileges, Cross Platform Functionality and more.

In this second video I will show the cross platform functionality of the database. I will demonstrate how the database performs, looks and works the same wether you are using a Mac or PC.

Next I would like to explain Access Privileges. When you license the database you will determine which sections you would like to have access to. They are essentially broken down into three sections, User, Report Users and Reports & Bids Users. As a User you can access all sections, a Reports User has access to reports only and the Reports and Bids Users can only access the reports and bids sections.

One last point is that access is hierarchical in that at higher levels of access you can assign your users any lower access. For example if you sign up for User level access, you can assign your user a reports only level if you choose.

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