Afterimage Sections

Intro to the different sections of Afterimage

There are seven sections of the Afterimage database. Bids, Project Data, Documents, Finances, Hours, Companies and Reports. Below is a brief description of each. For more detailed information about each section, please visit the Training section of this site.

The Bidding section allows you to estimate once and send your price as an email attachment to an unlimited number of customers. In addition, if you want to give a volume discount to your best customers, no problem, each customer can be given a different price. Rates and times are all customizable so you can adjust this component to suite your specific needs.

Bids Screen Shot
Bids Screen Shot

Going from left to right, the next section is Project Data. This section is used to track information about your project like the customer, address and engineer. It also is where you store your company address, logos, certifications and more.

Project Data

Next, going left to right, is Documents. This is a useful document tracking section. When was a report or invoice sent out or did you send the submittal and what was included. This section allows you to organize everything related to documents that you send.

The finances section is used for tracking and creating invoices, change orders and more. There is great value in having all of your project finances, alongside all of your other project data, in the one database.

Finances Screen Shot

Hours lets you track the project time in a simple way. Keep track of all employee hours and then run reports and calculate costs based on those hours.


At the center of it all is a contact tracking component. Company and contact information is entered once and used throughout the entire database. The Companies section lets you not only view all of your customer information but also the projects and bids that you have done for any given customer.

Companies Screen Shot

Finally, a big part of Testing and Balancing or commissioning is the report. The reporting component of the database is both powerful and flexible. This is unlike any other TAB reporting software. It was designed specifically for creating TAB reports yet at the same time it is flexible enough to handle any type of balancing project. I have dozens of Reports Training Videos to help you get started with creating your reports.

Reports Screenshot

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