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afterimage:  noun psychology; “The image that remains after a stimulus ends or is removed.”

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Afterimage is Cross Platform (Win or Mac) software that was designed to operate a Testing and Balancing Business. This is a multiuser software solution that is capable of supporting hundreds of simultaneous users.

It is particularly geared toward companies that create reports and provide their service in buildings. Although it was originally designed for Testing and Balancing Service Companies, it can be customized to support a variety of industries.

This site is your hub for resources about Afterimage. The Training section contains dozens of videos that walk you through the different sections of the database. The Support section provides you with a means to create a support ticket should you have questions about the database or need help. Finally, if you have any questions please visit sales and send us your inquiry. The following is an introduction to the different sections of the database.

To learn more about what Afterimage offers, start with my post on Afterimage Sections.

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